Copyright Policy

All content on our public website, teaser site, demo site, and production system, as well as any server-side code used to generate those pages or perform behind-the-scenes functions, are © 2018 LifeCycle Finance Partners, LLC.

Privacy & Security

Production systems:

Any personal or private information that we store is kept only on our production systems with current security and encryption standards. Only essential employees (and contractors) can access client data. Client data will remain on our secure servers and not be copied to workstations.

Except for investors and their respective advisors, we do not share any client data with third parties, except as required by law. In case we are required to share data with government authorities, we will attempt to notify the respective clients (advisors, individuals, and institutions) immediately.

In the unlikely case that we discover a data breach, we also promise to notify clients immediately.

Demo and Teaser sites:

Our demo site and teaser site have connections with the user that are un-encrypted, as they are just for testing.

These sites do collect data. That information may be used for marketing purposes in the following ways: to better determine the cross-section of clients we can serve and to contact potential clients—only if they supply contact information.

We do not use cookies on our Public, Teaser, or Demo sites. Because we believe in privacy, we strive to keep tracking to a minimum.

Terms of Use & Conditions

LifeCycle Finance Partners, LLC is not a Registered Investment Advisor. We do not advise clients directly. This website is solely for informational purposes.

Past performance is no guarantee of future returns. Investing involves risk and possible loss of principal capital.