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An Economist Walks into a Brothel:
And Other Unexpected Places to Understand Risk

Allison Schrager released her first book in April 2019. Each chapter of the book tells a real-world story of how someone analyzed, measured, and dealt with risk. The lessons from the book directly apply to all of our financial lives and the book makes those lessons accessible to everyone.

Allison has been in the media describing her book and how the ideas in the book (and some of LifeCycle’s core concepts) apply to household finances:

Q&A with Allison on how Prostitutes and Paparazzi hedge risks in similar ways to the average investor

Interview on Something More with Chris Boyd

Interview with Stephanie Ruhle on MSNBC

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Interview on Planet Money’s The Indicator Podcast

Video Interview and Podcast Interview with Reason

A review on the book by Peter Coy on Bloomberg Businessweek

Interview on Gayle Allen’s Curious Minds podcast

Interview on KERA Radio’s Think

Interview on Yahoo! Finance’s The Final Round

A review of the book in the Financial Times

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Allison Interviewing General H.R. McMaster on preparing for the unexpected

Allison Profiles Professional Poker Player Phil Hellmuth