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We offer tools and strategies that are tailored help investors reach their goals. Learn more about us and how we can help you.

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LifeCycle Finance Partners, LLC is an investment advisory firm that develops innovative investment solutions to manage risk for retail and institutional investors. Our primary focus is retirement, where we focus on income.

We are unique because we develop strategies tailored to the needs of the average investor. After the world shifted from traditional pension plans to individual accounts, it created a problem without a solution: how much can a household spend in retirement and how should they invest to best achieve that goal?

We offer tools that provide individualized solutions. Traditional financial strategies were developed to accumulate wealth, but they are ill-equipped to provide income retirees can count on. We take the best components from traditional pension plans, which provided predictable income, and bring them to the individual investor.

We offer technology solutions for financial planners to help their clients develop a spending and investment strategy that can provide a secure, predictable retirement. We also consult on retirement technology and risk solutions for larger institutions.

About LifeCycle

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy draws on the principles of Life Cycle Finance. We believe retirees need predictable, stable income, that can finance their needs and free them from worrying about the state of the market. We use techniques from our years of academic training and working in the finance industry to deliver the same security that earlier generations had with traditional pension plans, while also offering the flexibility and control that retirees need.

We are different because we target income as the goal. We manage a retiree’s assets to maximize the odds they’ll have the income they need each year of retirement. We come up with tailored solutions that aid planning, manage risk, and maximize stable income by integrating all sources of assets and income.

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Who we are (include pictures)

Allison Schrager has a PhD in retirement economics from Columbia University and a degree in economics from University of Edinburgh. She has been developing retirement planning software since 2007 under supervision of Nobel Laureate Robert C Merton, including three years leading retirement product development at Dimensional Fund Advisors. She is also a noted writer and thought leader in retirement finance. Her writing has appeared in the Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek, Quartz, Foreign Affairs, the Atlantic, and Reuters.

Jason Levine has a PhD in retirement finance and an MBA from New York University and degrees in computer science and mathematics from MIT. He has been developing retirement software since 2005, under Nobel Laureate Robert C Merton and at Dimensional Fund Advisors. He has worked in government, analyzing and pricing the risk of various government programs, including some retirement programs. He began his career at FactSet, developing software to process and store live market data.


For advisors

How we can help

Economist Bill Sharpe called figuring out how to invest and spend in retirement the hardest financial problem[JL1] . You not only need to solve it; you have to solve it separately for each of your clients because each one has different needs and requires a different strategy. Our software, SmartIncome, makes it easy for you. It figures out how much income your clients’ assets can deliver, comes up with a spending plan and asset allocation, and re-balances the assets to keep your client on track. All you have to do is help your clients come up with realistic income goals, aided by our software, and we do the rest.

Our system assists financial advisors in setting up a plan. Each month, the system checks whether any re-balancing or withdrawals are necessary. If so, it sends trading instructions to the custodian. On an ongoing basis, advisors and clients may log into our system to check how they are performing relative to their plan. Our analytics display performance, relative to their goals, so that clients can truly understand their investments’ performance, gain a long-run perspective, and see the benefits of risk hedging.

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