How We Help

Economist William F Sharpe called figuring out how to invest and spend in retirement the hardest financial problem. You not only need to solve it; you have to solve it separately for each client because each one has different needs and requires a different strategy. Our software, SmartIncome, makes solving it easy for you. It figures out how much income your clients’ assets can deliver, creates a spending plans and asset allocations, and rebalances the assets to keep your clients on track. All you have to do is help your clients come up with realistic income goals, aided by our software, and we do the rest.

Our system assists financial advisors in setting up a plan. Each month, the system checks whether any rebalancing or withdrawals are necessary. If so, it sends trading instructions to the custodian. At any time, your clients may log in to our system to check how their investments are doing and if they are on track to meet their goals.  Our analytics display performance in relation to their goals, so that your clients can truly understand their investments’ performance, gain a long-run perspective, and see the benefits of risk hedging.

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LifeCycle’s SmartIncome sits on top of your technology stack. Our system includes goal-based financial planning, portfolio management, rebalancing, benchmarking, and performance analysis. The software also helps communicate with your clients before and after your face-to-face meetings so that your time can be used most efficiently, permitting you to grow your business. The system also includes a read-only client portal so that interested clients can directly see some basic metrics and information.

Underneath SmartIncome are data integration and aggregation services, as well as your choice of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system and Custodian. These services can be provided by your preferred vendor.